Answer by RA There is nothing on the planet lbs. Anyone that suggests any dog or wolf has a chance is ill-informed. Answer by Hengus Ovcharkas take it 9 times out of They are not just big, but agile, and yes they will destroy any 50lb, 60lb,70lb ABPT. Well here goes. I won my share and lost my share. The pit bull still wins. Are there exceptions to every rule? Of course. When you match a dog against a 50 lb pitbull, the odds are stacked against the smaller dog. B ut, pound for pound there is NO dog capable of whipping a pit bull.

As a matter of fact, I will put a 50 lb. If you think to place a lb.

russian apbt kennels

Russian dog against a 50 lb. They have never shown aggression or been a danger to other people or dogs in any situation. However, I once lived and worked on a property for a year that had an Ovchaka, I will never trust that breed again. In my personal experience and opinion, Pitbulls are predictable and trustworthy.

Will this argument ever end? There is not a dog on this planet in a pitbulls weight class that can beat it. A Jack Russell terrier weighs probably 15 pounds less than a pit yet it can never beat one; nor can most dogs twice its size.

In order for it to meets its match you have to give it all most impossible odds to win. Fucking cowards! Then brag about what a shitty breed it is. They only took on their recent appearance within the past yrs. Lesson 2: the kangals you see online that are the most impressive are not purebred dogs! If a so-called kangal has a hanging upper lip, and block skull and not a round one, stands up square not rectangular, has overly defined muscle definition then its not a Kangal but one of the aforementioned.

Lesson 4: game pitbulls come from a separate and distinct line from just the casual show dog aka amstaffs. These dogs are top prizefighters who lines date back several generations back to when the breed was being developed. Self-preservation, unlike what many of the larger breeds have, is not one of their traits; it was bred out.

Stupid Americans. Many videos on internet where top breed pitts gets destroyed in seconds but anyway you are still ignorant :. Personally I disagree with the notion that Pit bull could beat Caucasian Ovcharka that easily.

Caucasian ovcharka has a bite force of lbs per square inch pit only Caucasian ovcharka is much bigger and stronger. Pit has better stamina but Caucasian has good stamina on its own. Pain Tolerance is good in pit bull.Piebald blue merle xl bully female puppy. Spring into Bullies!!! Winter is almost over, which means its the perfect time to add a new bully to your family!

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This breeding has been designed to be the foundation for chocolate and lilac tri XXL bullies for years to come. Picks are already being reserved! RedBear x Jewelz Breeding. Words fail to do justice to this breeding. Simply put, Red Bear is the most physically impressive male at stud in the world.

No other dog can match his sheer massiveness or mind blowing muscularity.

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His tight, thin skin and immaculate coat reveals definition and vascularity that you could only see at a Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest. Bears structure and bone mass make other 'top studs' look like greyhounds with eating disorders and his amazing head size and head shape are unparalleled in the bully world.Our kennel breeding APBT working since The main method of selection — pure-breeding inbred line.

The guiding principle in the breeding and use of knowledge is the fundamental basis of heredity and variation, the study and analysis of inbreeding, its influence, the possibilities and limitations in the formation of this breed.

As a result of studies conducted in our kennels, were protected degree works by specialists in the field of canine genetics. The scientists and the owners of the kennels who took part in research personally, worked on the project jointly. As a result the DNA-typing technology has been tested and implemented on our dogs in Ukraine. The selection and breeding of the parental couples is conducted on the basis of working qualities, phenotype, and now already known on the molecular level genotype.

russian apbt kennels

According to the results, we have a scientific publication. Science - is an integral part of our lives as we work directly in this the areas. All this was possible due to the fact that the will of fate, we got a dogs of pure bloodlines and with a wonderful fusion of them later.

We see that at the moment our dogs on phenotype are similar to many old dogs from different bloodlines inherent in them. All this was possible due to close tight inbreeding, which we use in our selection work during the long years. Special thanks we are express Gary J.

Russian dog's

Hammonds USA - Thanks for your contact with us, for your kindness, attention and care for us. We will be happy to have communication with people who possess and love this breed of dog - to exchange information, knowledge and experience.

We encourage everyone - keep the breed APBT and be worthy to be the owner of this breed. Publication of materials and photos on other websites, in printed publications, the use of attributes and others - is forbidden. Protected by the law on private property and copyright.We produce American Pit Bull Terriers for conformation, working ability, health and above all else for temperament.

Our dogs are all registered with the U. We adhere to the U. We are a small hobby kennel and do not have litters often we have had 5 litters in 9 years. Mom when I grow up I want to be just like you He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true. To the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. When all other friends desert, he remains.

George G. Before contacting us please consider this. This breed is not for everyone. They require a lot of obedience training, attention, a strong pack leader and exercise. They require an owner who is prepared to have the most obedient dog on the block. They require their owner to be the most patient, educated and respectful dog owner in their town.

Owners of this breed must constantly prove the stereotypes of this breed wrong and that is a hard road to take for some people but this is what's needed to preserve this wonderful breed.

If we fail to do all this we will see the extinction of the APBT in our lifetime.

russian apbt kennels

Bad owners are only part of the problem we are facing, bad breeders are another. How do you fight? And now for the breeders They will sell to anyone who has cash in hand and have no regard to proper conformation or health or temperament. What does this mean? Health testing is another issue.


They have no regard for the breed only their pocket book and image. As long as they keep having puppies and boasting their large size to wannabe tough guy buyers, this trend will only get worse.

Just because you put two pedigrees together does not make you a breeder. Breed standards are written with purpose, because form equals function and this equates to keeping a perfect breed the way it has been for many years.

Game Dogs APBT

And as far as the American Bully Registry, it is a joke! These breeders are trying to justify that they are breeding good dogs by getting trophies at their shows which will never hold any merrit in the world of the American Pit Bull Terrier. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world A quote by Gandhi says it all:.American Pit Bull Terriers were once an iconic American breed.

From his earliest days as a farm dog to when he was bred for dog fighting, the Pit Bull in America has always been an active, confident dog with a playful nature and spirit. He is best described as enthusiastic and comical. Whatever else those old dog-fighting breeders did, they created a dog who is extremely resilient and stable, as well as typically very friendly to people. That said, they need early socialization and training to become their very best.

And they certainly have some normal behaviors that can be highly destructive when not properly channeled. This is a true athlete, the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Within this Game Dog, we have been given the spirit, loyalty, dedication, and heart of the dog that we love today. The best of these bloodlines are the bases of the best dogs bloodline in world. Kids love our puppies. It is incredible how these great dogs connect with your family. The joy and happiness is al all day longcontinuous happiness! Read More. About Us Mission Vision.

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View Our Puppies. View More.We utilize mainly Eli and Eli crosses bred down from Eppinette's Mr. Floyd Boudreaux Rajun Cajun. I am a hobby breeder, this is not my job. Buy your blood, Breed your dogs.

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The purpose of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If you do not agree with the content of this site you should exit immediately. We do not condone any acts of animal cruelty or other illegal activities.

This site does not, nor does it intend to violate the Animal Welfare Act of If you agree to enter this site, please be aware that our content is protected by the Internet Privacy of Information Act no. All dogs in our kennel are used in legal activities including but not limited to conformation, weight pull, obedience, treadmill racing, and other non illegal activities.

We do not own any dog that were knowingly used in any illegal activities before or after they were in our possession. We do not condone the use of any dogs in any illegal activities whatsoever.

The Federal Animal Welfare Act prohibits the interstate transport of dogs for fighting purposes. Therefore, participating in dog fighting on any level can lead to imprisonment. We are not interested in going to prison at any point in time. Therefore, if you are involved in any illegal activities, including dog fighting, please do not contact our kennel for any reason.

If you do contact our kennel despite this message, we will reply with a copy of this message to serve as a reminder. Please remember, anything posted on this website should be view strictly for entertainment or historical purposes ONLY. Thank you! All rights reserved. Web Hosting by Yahoo!Bolio was born in and was raised by Maurice Carver and Eddie Klaus two great friends and connoisseurs of the American Pitbull Terrier.

M, Fly of Panama R. Indian Bolio was a very intense bulldog that loved to fight, extremely able and very intelligent that bought his opponent down with extreme facility with his strength. He had a lot of air and would not slow down his pace, he was very strong and would move in the ring like a dancer taking down with exasperation his adversary, not only this he had a killer bite and liked to go for the head and nose of his opponent to then finish him off at the throat.

Bolio was the only one to have confronted opponents weighing more than him by 15 pounds. Clayton Bennett of Texas bought Bolio from Maurice Carver and sent him to Floyd Boudreaux to train him until he would be ready for a tremendously challenging match against a dog that had killed his previous adversaries.

The name of this Pitbull was Rowdy a dog that had a terrible bite. This match was scheduled for the big night organised during a convention in the South, where there were other Pitbull Terriers challenged, the likes of Davis Gr Ch Boomerang.

All the bookmakers had Bolio down as a loss, but Floyd Boudreaux and Clayton Bennett believed in him. For the encounter between Bolio and Rowdy, things were organised in a big way and all the best breeders of that time assembled to witness it. Mountain Man the man of the mountains retold how Bolio and Rowdy were both in great form weighing 43 pounds each and when they clashed it was truly war.

Rowdy dominated the match for the first hour locking ferocious bites into Bolio, but slowly with time he began to lose strength and he continued to lose stamina. Bolio having a lot of air, in the end won by killing Rowdy in 2 hours and was voted best in show!. Soon after the match with Rowdy, Pat Patrick decided to buy Bolio, retiring him undefeated from the fighting and used him only as a stud.

This was the best use for him. Indian Bolio R. M was coupled 90 times with excellent females giving surprising results. Pat Patrick retells that on more than one occasion he had the chance to speak with Maurice Carver, who told him that the dogs Bolio, Jeep and Tombstone are no doubt the best and that mixing these three blood types creates a killer cocktail.

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Click here to cancel reply. Best Ever. What do you think? Our sponsors. For further information email to info centralcoastkennel. Name required. Email required.

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